An Addon for Stormworks

Carsa's Commands adds many features to Stormworks. Some are for fun, some are for adding to the sandbox experience, and some I feel should have been included in the base game. You can subscribe to the addon through the Steam Workshop below. For reporting bugs, please use the GitHub repository.


  • Companion webapp for interacting with Carsa's Commands externally
  • Roles system that allows admins to give players certain permissions
  • ?banPlayer as well as ?unban
  • Equip players with specific equipment
  • View and manage vehicles in the world
  • Teleport to coordinates, named locations, players, and vehicles - or teleport them to you
  • Manage and display rules to players
  • Execute commands using buttons named similar to ?cc:heal
  • Customize preferences
  • Whisper to other players
  • Help command that explains each command in-game

What's New?


This latest version adds plenty of features that I have been wanting to add for a long while. There are quite a few changes to already existing commands as well. For example, the ?tp command was seperated into multiple different commands.


Companion webapp

Carsa's Companion provides a graphical interface for interacting with Carsa's Commands and your Stormworks server. Players will have access to the companion even if their own game isn't running.

Roles system

Managing what permissions players have is now much more in-depth. You can add/remove roles, edit their in-game permissions, and change which what commands each role has access to.

Call commands using vehicle buttons

You can now call commands using buttons on a vehicle! Just name the button ?cc:<command name> - for example, ?cc:heal. So long as the player pressing the button has access to the command, they will be healed!

Autosaves for dedicated servers is called after changes are made to the persistent data (change preferences, ban player, etc.). The autosaves are saved as "CC_Autosave" in the saves folder. Unfortunately, as of the release of this version. still only works on dedicated servers for some reason.

Teleport to vehicle command

There is now a new ?tp2v command that teleports the player to the requested vehicle.

It is easier than ever to clean the nuclear apocalypse from your server. Simply call ?clearRadiation!

Limit the size of vehicles

Are you tired of creations the size of Jupiter spawning on your server and slowing everything to a crawl? Well, here is a setting to help combat that. You can now set the max voxels for vehicles! If a vehicle is being spawned that is over this set limit, it will be removed from the world before it can cause too much damage. The player spawning it will also be notified that your server doesn't deserve to be abused .


?equip now supports the new data parameters

v1.2.5-6 of Stormworks changed the way server.setCharacterItem() works. The function now allows the user to define some data for the item such as durability/ammo or radio frequency. By default, this function would now give characters the items with 0 durability/ammo - for some reason. This has been fixed in v2.0.

Easier ways to target players for commands

Previously, you would have to know the peerID of the player you are using a command on. Now you can enter the player's name instead - or in the case of using a command on yourself, you can use me. More commands will also automatically target the player calling it if no other player is defined.

?help has been renamed

In order to increase compatibility with other add-ons, ?help has been renamed to ?ccHelp. This makes things a little nicer if you have multiple add-ons all trying to use the ?help command.

Greatly improved algorithm for closest string

Previously, when using ?tp to teleport to a location, there was a less than desireable algorithm in place that would estimate which location you really meant. This was okay at dealing with misspellings of a character or two, but it was really bad at "autocomplete". If you tried to just enter a few characters of a location, it was a gamble as to where you would really end up.

I am happy to announce that a much better algorithm is in place that is vastly superior at autocompleting strings, given options to pick from. Expect ?tpl (the new teleport to location command) to work a lot better than the previous ?tp command.

Telport commands better prevent clipping

One of the most frustrating parts of developing this addon originally was discovering that there is no loading screen when teleporting a player to an unloaded location. The player will just be telported instantly before collisions are loaded, and often, the player will just fall through the ground. The loading times of the collision meshes appear to have gotten even worse lately, causing people to fall through the terrain even more now. My previous fix of teleporting players multiple times when teleporting far away was no longer sufficient.

Now the script will teleport the player, then "hold" them stationary for a short while (like a loading screen) while things load in. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if the collisions have loaded in, so it is just an estimated time delay. This seems to be sufficient for now though.


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